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Application of locknut in construction machinery

The characteristics of construction machinery are: the engine has a large power, and when it is working, it is subjected to a large impact load, and a corresponding strong vibration occurs. Generally, the bolt and nut will loosen and fall off under the impact and vibration. In order to prevent the failure of the fasteners, various manufacturers have their own magical powers. Some use preset torque nuts, some use flat nuts, and some use chemical coating.
These methods have a certain anti-loosening effect, but they have two common weaknesses: firstly, they have poor reusability, some are disposable, and only 4-5 times at most; secondly, the maintenance is inconvenient, and the installation and unloading of nuts is expensive. A lot of energy, and chemical gluing pollutes the environment, causing personal injury to the construction workers.
After the lock nut is adopted, it not only has a good anti-loosening effect, but also has good reusable performance and convenient assembly and disassembly. It is gradually used in key parts of construction machinery. At present, some of the construction machinery adopts Shibiluo lock nuts. The following parts:
Mixer truck, crane: bracket connection, reducer seat, tug boat and other parts.
Vibrating roller: coupling, universal joint for engine.
Excavator: slewing support, crawler wheel, breaker.
Bulldozer: crawler wheels.
Loader: drive shaft, main drive differential, large parachute.

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