Compared with traditional fasteners, what are the characteristics of round fasteners


Compared with traditional fasteners, round fasteners ca […]

Compared with traditional fasteners, round fasteners can save at least 15% of materials, and are safe, beautiful, convenient and practical, so there are also a few manufacturers producing round nuts and round head bolts for welding, so that they are used by traditional fasteners. Passive tightening. If you do not fix some of the above products to other objects by welding or other methods, these round nuts and bolts cannot be used as active fasteners to fasten other objects.
In other words, it cannot be fastened and fastened, so it cannot be a true circular fastener. With the invention of fastener opening technology, circular fasteners have entered the commercial stage.
The global industrial chain of circular fastener tools will have a market share of at least 30 billion yuan per year, and will also increase rapidly with the popularity of circular fasteners. In order to prevent this technology from manipulating the market, artificially delay the circular For the comprehensive promotion of fasteners, relevant parties should formulate corresponding measures as soon as possible. The safety, advancement, and practicality of round fasteners determine their inevitable replacement of traditional fasteners as a standard.