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Fasteners knowledge: knowledge flange nuts

What is the flange nuts?
Flange nuts definition, we generally hex flange nut flange nut is called. Flange nuts use are also common. Generally a lot of screw bolts are necessary to use a flange nuts. And the use of flange nuts, then good fastening aspects. There is a good mating flange bolts are screws. Hex nuts securing better performance than more.

Basics flange nuts are described as follows: iron flange nuts, there are stainless steel. But the more commonly used iron. But also may be plated in accordance with the color the customer needs. Usually the plating process has environmental and non-environmental. Green color plated with zinc, a nickel green, zinc green blue, black and green and zinc, but also ordinary electroplating, zinc white, color of zinc, zinc, nickel white.

Other names flange nuts: padded nut, flower nut teeth, hex flange nut, flange nuts and the like; Flange nut effects or uses: mostly used in the pipe connection nut or the need to increase the contact surface of the workpiece; Flange nut material: 35K A3 low carbon high speed steel wire 45 # steel 40CR35Crmoa; flange nuts hardness level: 4 5 6 8 10 12 level;
Nut flange surface treatment: the zinc plating is generally divided into color and two kinds of white zinc plating, and typically galvanized cold;
Flange nuts Main specifications: M5M6M8M10M12M16M20 (M20 above specifications and M14M18 flange nuts and more unusual);
Flange nut thread specifications: GB Referring threaded nut; flange nuts GB Code: GB6177-2000; flange nuts use features:
1, pipe: pipe cutter or grinding wheel cutting machine (dicing sheet to be specific) cut to the desired length of a vertical stainless steel tube, burrs Xiujing end, full circle; 2, welding: sheet about two flanges tapered flange (recessed, designed for double-sided insert with the flanged gasket) and the two pipe ends are to be connected
Mouth, with TIG (TIG) welding;
3, the pad: two between left and right sided linings flange seal flange;
4, fastening: two flanges with clamp pieces sandwich, with the fastening screw (Allen screw) fastening flange or clamp handle (male screw threaded end of the handle is connected, through one end fixed to a rivet connection active) .



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