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Flange nut thread size and size

Flange nut thread size and the size and general our common hex nut almost the same, except that the flange of the nut is integral with the nut and washer, but also non-slip tooth pattern in the following, such a design increases the surface area of ​​the workpiece in contact with the flange nuts, washers than the average plus the nut, and a stronger firm tension. Most of the flange nuts are used in pipes and flanges, and constrained by the workpiece, so the flange nut size than ordinary nut, it will be less, generally more common in M20 flange nuts about the following.

Most of the above specifications flange nuts M20 planar flange, the flange surface of the tooth pattern is not such flange nuts usually used in special places, substantially no spot, be customized. After a brief introduction over flange nuts, here to tell you about how to use the flange nuts? Before connecting flange nuts, flange nuts to choose the specifications, generally choose how much of the threaded rod diameter is necessary to choose the diameter of the flange nut much, and this is very important, we have to remember. Further, the size of the flange nut is carried out according to the specifications of the selected bolt, flange nuts standard T-bolt is used to fasten, very simple connection. First, the T-bolt passes through the slot profile included angle code hole, and then use directly flange nuts fastening operation, if you want to increase the friction, it is also possible to use standard supporting shims. Is so simple steps, flange nuts to be installed.

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