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HexAGhexagon Slotted Nut

A HEXAGHEXAGON Slotted Nut is a mechanical fastener that has a hexagonal shape. They are commonly used for many fastening applications. They are ISO 7035 standard and can be used for a wide variety of applications.
A hex slotted nut is hexagonal in shape with slots milled into the top that allow a split pin or cotter pin to be inserted into the nut. Hex slotted nuts range in diameter from one-fourth to one-half inch. They are also available in heavy, or thick, types with a longer engagement length.
Despite the name, they are different from traditional hex nuts. Hex nuts have slots cut into their flats on top that are intended for cotter pins and safety wires to be inserted. A castle nut, on the other hand, has slots cut into the turreted portion of the hex.

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