How the flat key and half-round key are connected

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1. Flat key and half-round key connection
Flat key----The side of the key is the working surface, and the torque is transmitted by the extrusion of the key and the keyway. The flat key is divided into three types-ordinary flat key\guide flat key\soft key
Thin flat key-for thin-walled parts
There are three kinds of ordinary flat keys, which are used for static connection, and the feather key is used for dynamic connection. There are two types of round head and square head. When the axial movement distance is large, the sliding key is used
Semi-circular key ---- cut or punched from round steel and ground, semi-circular key: working on the side, the advantage is good craftsmanship, can automatically adapt to the inclination requirements, the disadvantage is that the keyway on the shaft is deep; semi-circular key: generally in the taper Half-round key on the shaft surface
2. The advantages and disadvantages of the flat key and the half-round key connection ----simple, compact, reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble, low cost ----the keyway weakens the shaft strength, the stress is concentrated, and the centering is difficult.
Able to achieve axial force transmission and fixation

Half-round key transmission torque method
The semicircular key transmits torque on the side, and the key can swing around the arc curvature center of the groove bottom in the shaft groove, which is convenient for assembly. The keyway is deeper, the weakening of the shaft is greater.


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