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How to embed the nut

The following are common ways of burying nuts:
1. Hot-melt nut: Hot-melt embedding is the most common and common way of embedding. Generally, the nail is embedded with a hot-melt machine and a manual electric iron.
2. Injection nut: Injection molding embedding generally requires very strict aperture diameter of the nut, and the aperture diameter is controlled within 0.05mm, because the product is fixed with Molding Pin and placed in the injection molding mold, and the nut aperture should be the same as the PIN pin of the injection molding machine. size to control.
3. Ultrasonic nut: Ultrasonic embedding is a method of ultrasonic vibration, which makes the friction between the nut and the surface of the workpiece and the internal molecules to increase the temperature transmitted to the interface. When the temperature reaches the softening temperature of the workpiece itself, the nut is placed. Implanted in the plastic part, when the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure at the same time.

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