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How to remove worn hexagon nuts
There are many places on machinery and equipment to fix parts with hex nuts, but due to frequent disassembly, the hex socket of the bolts is easy to round, and slippage occurs at this time, and it is difficult to remove it with a hex wrench. Here is a method for the body of the two hexagonal nut inner hexagon nut parts, which can take out the nut without harming the parts.
For connections where the head of the hexagon socket nut is slightly higher or flat than the plane of the fixed part, a hexagon nut with a slightly smaller outer diameter than the head of the hexagon socket nut can be used to place it on the head of the hexagon socket nut, and then connect the nut to the hexagon socket nut The heads are spot welded together, and after cooling down, use a movable hand to tighten the nut, then the hexagon socket bolt can be taken out
High-strength connection method of hexagon socket nut
There are many ways of action of hexagon nuts, especially the hexagon socket nuts, which are usually used as the most commonly used fasteners for assembling plastic parts. They can be used for permanent assembly and fixing of frequently repaired and replaced parts. . Choosing inappropriate inner hexagon nuts often leads to assembly, use and quality problems. Design the thread in the part assembly in advance in the mold.

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