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The fastener industry still has some shortcomings: the product structure is unreasonable. Mid-range and low-end products are still the leading products in the industry and do not meet the resources and market needs; the distribution of enterprises is irrational, and fastener companies in coastal areas of China account for about 70%. . The resource allocation is unreasonable, and the contradictions between talents, energy, materials and land resources are prominent.
From the perspective of the domestic market, the eastern coastal areas no longer have the advantage of developing labor-intensive industries. The supply of basic elements such as land, labor, and energy is tightening, and prices are rising. A large number of external labor forces have brought a lot to the environmental and social development of the eastern coastal areas. contradiction.
From the perspective of the international situation, the automotive fastener industry and modern machinery industry have become the focus of production, providing a rare opportunity for my country's eastern coastal areas to accelerate the adjustment and upgrading of product technology and industrial structure. Enterprises in the central region can choose to undertake product transfers in developed areas along the eastern coast and take advantage of the advantages of land, labor, and energy in the central and western regions. Enterprises in the eastern region can also use this opportunity to upgrade their products. Enterprises in the central, central and western and eastern regions can all get more wealth from it.
The development of automobile special fasteners can develop China's automobile industry, reduce the cost of automobiles, and provide enterprises with greater profit margins. Although the manufacturing cost in China is very low, the total cost including manufacturing costs and transaction costs is not low China's logistics lag is an important factor leading to higher fastener transaction costs.
The extensive growth of fasteners has brought many negative impacts on my country's economic and social development, and the model of continuing to rely on cheap energy, raw materials, and funds to promote economic development will not work. Therefore, saving resources is itself creating wealth, and reducing resource consumption means lowering enterprise costs and bringing greater competitive advantages to enterprises. Only by changing the mode of economic growth can enterprises remain invincible in international competition.
China has the world's largest fastener manufacturing capacity and is fully capable of conducting the world's largest fastener research and development. The company's comprehensive capabilities are growing, and its understanding of the market is strengthening. Increased, independent innovations (including institutional and institutional innovations, and more importantly, conceptual innovations) under such favorable conditions have become viable economic activities from the concept and spirit. Through research and development, it can bring wealth and income, bring about capacity expansion and increase profits.

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