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Washers and nuts provided by the many different styles and varieties of dealers, and now, they are also provided by the online dealers, so seek industrialists or individual nuts and washers of the best quality for their projects can be ordered online and can be comfortably get the same thing at the office or at home. McMaster (McMaster) and Nordisk Locke (Nord-lock) and other popular brands, such as its products were also sold some online dealers.
When the nut is used to make parts more protected, or in the space to make up the difference in the machine, also you need to use the washer. The buyer may choose different types of nuts and washers according to the project requirements, the following will discuss some of the type wherein:
Hex nuts: These nuts for common projects, because they are one of the most common styles used hexagonal, hence the name "Hex."
Locking nut: This type of nut is resistant to vibrations, which may lead to loosening of the nut during installation. Thus, they can be used with larger vibration machines.
Wing nuts: As the name suggests, this type will have two wings, so that they can be easily adjusted by hand. This type is ideal for frequent loosening and tightening screw machine project.
Slotted Nuts: Another name for this type of castle nut, because they look like a castle tower. This type of nut is adapted to vibrate users are most concerned about the project.
Square nuts: Compared with the hexagonal surface of the nut which is larger, making them easier to grip with a wrench.
Spring lock washers: These gaskets provide adequate vibration resistance. For at McMaster brand or any other brand of product purchased, users will have to check three points, in order to ensure the correct size, and the size is the minimum thickness range, outside and inside diameters.
Spherical washer: This type has two parts, referred to men and women section portion, as compensation for this type of misalignment.
Circular gasket: it is one of many types of machines are widely used, which has a central circular hole, this type of gasket has a damping effect during vibration.
Choose a good brand of screws and washers, for example Nord-lock, the efficient operation of your machine.


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