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There are many accessories can produce the best hardware that can be combined to provide solutions to industrial problems. Solutions will always need to use the correct parts and accessories to solve these parts and accessories will continue to be a combination of materials and make them work together as a whole. Nuts and bolts of any industrial solutions are an integral part of, the advent of technology has become a useful nylon nut industry experience to solve problems. Since the industry as a reliable solution to the problem is accepted, we have come a long way, has developed into a complex mechanism that can provide a variety of options for different applications. Because of their robustness and long service life, and because they are widely accepted as the standard accessories and more popular,
Based on the growing demand for the nut industry solutions, and has developed a nylon nut and accepted various forms and shapes, such as slotted thumb nut. Since the tip of the thumb which slotted slotted be uniquely identified out, so it can be conveniently used for quick and easy assembly of industrial products. Compared to their similar metal products, their very light weight, which helps reduce the weight of the equipment involved. Further, slotted thumb nut has an advantage similar to other nylon nut, for example, they have a corrosion resistance, and to avoid the harmful effects of oil and most chemicals. In addition, they do not contribute to wear on the smooth surface, which is different from traditional nut.
There are other types of nylon nut, for example a lock nut, if necessary in the case in vibration resistance movement or torque, which would be the ideal choice. They have acorn shape, and has a blind hexagonal. It is a simple version of the wing nut nuts because they can be fixed by hand, almost do not need any tools for assembly. There metric standard hexagonal nut, locknut and hex nuts, which are specifically designed to be screwed tightly without loosening the screw. All of these varieties make it a first choice for a variety of applications.

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