The application range of locknuts is gradually expanding

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In recent years, the medical profession has adopted plate fixation for the treatment of fractures. The most important challenge of this method is the reliability and durability of the plate fixation method. That is, after the bone plate is installed and cured, it has to undergo more than millions of stressful activities. Thread technology was successfully applied to the locking of the screws of the bone plate.
Thread technology has gradually entered many fields including airplanes, automobiles, trains, railways, ships, construction, machinery, petroleum, agricultural machinery, electric power, military industry, and medical equipment. This is a successful example of the successful application of American aerospace technology to the civil industry and a revolution to traditional thread technology.
With the gradual increase in the number of users of locknuts in China and the gradual expansion of the application range, some new application examples continue to appear. In order to facilitate the popularization and use of the majority of users, the above seven examples are listed for reference.
The lock nut has been included in the unified university textbook of the mechanical design subject of domestic colleges and universities. The book "Mechanical Design" published by Higher Education Press and edited by Peng Wensheng and others will lock nuts and spring washers, counter nuts, The other four technologies such as metal prestressed nuts and nylon nuts are listed as the five anti-loosening technologies for threaded connections. The locknut and product standards are also included in the mechanical design manual of the Chemical Industry Press.

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