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      Bolts and nuts are common types of fasteners, almost in every industry. They are widely used in chemical, acidic, construction and manufacturing industries. Bolts and nuts are threaded fastener, the two are used together in a fixed position of any material. However, when choosing, you need to be careful, because it is an essential element of any structure. There are many factors that affect the efficiency and life of the fasteners. Key to success is found possible to heat, acid and corrosion resistant metal.
The impact of various factors bolts and nuts efficiency:

  • Temperature : various industries have heavy machines that will be heated in the production of normal operation. During the course of the operation, it releases heat and at high temperatures. Failure or poor quality of fasteners is the cause of the accident. Small changes in temperature of the metal reacts with poor quality, and corrosion in a very short time. On the other hand, the fastener has high temperature resistance, even in this case will not be affected, it can work efficiently. You can also use the method to clean and dry the wet nuts and bolts to keep dry.
  • Acid concentration: an acid is harmful to metal contact, and having high reactivity. After adversely affected by chemical substances, or fixed inside the joint bolts and nuts causes deterioration. Some sour indeed destructive, while others have a high resistance. The concentration of acid is most important in the chemical industry. Highly corrosive nature of the material was diluted quality fastener can withstand this situation.

  • Corrosion :under high temperature conditions, the metal having high corrosion resistance. The acid is highly corrosive nature, and can react with the metal used in the manufacture of hex nuts and bolts. There are three types of corrosion - general corrosion, galvanic corrosion and caustic erosion. You need to choose this type of fastener for your industry in order to provide protection for this type of material Rusty.
    Before purchasing fasteners, check the fasteners whether we can afford to buy these three factors, and carefully view the size of the fastener, and always buy such important elements to the industry's leading manufacturer of hex bolts to ensure that the impact from these three questions.

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