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We have found that bolts will not be affected if they can be used without mating nuts. In general, when inserting a bolt into a threaded hole, use a wrench to turn the nut to secure it. If the nut becomes loose due to vibration and external rotation, the frictional force of its thread will be lost. If bolts are the main part of the machine, they can cause serious situations. In fact, the spiral loop plays an important role in this process. Due to the wide range of bolt diameters, there are many types of nuts. Taking into account different practical needs, there are square, pentagonal, hexagonal and more polygonal nuts. Based on this, we will find that the nut world is huge and beautiful. Today, dig into some common types of nuts. First, lock nuts are also called lock nuts. The cage is usually made of spring steel and is wrapped around a nut.

This nut is usually used in combination with a square-hole rack in its special shape. It has two tabs that determine the cage to be inserted into the rack or the nut to be released. There are usually four sizes. Second, use a connecting nut to connect the two external threads. Generally, it has a hexagonal shape, and one can use a wrench or some loading and unloading tools to fix or loosen the nut. There are two common types, namely reduced connection nuts and observation hole connection nuts. For the former type, it is used to connect two threads of different sizes. In the latter case, the amount of engagement through its specific observation hole was observed. Third, a flange nut is a nut with a wide flange at one end. Usually used as the role of an integrated, non-rotating washing machine. The flange on the nut is carefully designed to reduce the chance of damaging the part. On this basis, the flange will help prevent the nut from rotating in a direction that would loosen the nut. Nuts are often common in our daily lives.

When referring to a "square" nut, it can be inferred that it has four sides. In fact, this nut completely wraps the bolt to provide greater resistance to loosening. Finally, T-nuts are a type of nut used in some wooden furniture. It also has a flange similar to a flange nut. As a very thin body, together with the flange, the nut looks like the letter "T". Therefore, the name is T-nut. Sometimes they are combined with studs and clamps to provide a flexible way to fix them in the machine. What is certain is that with the development of the industry, the world of nuts will expand. In fact, there are more types of nuts for you to learn further.

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