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Any individual industry needs fasteners are used in the project is, should understand the different types of building materials (such as metric bolts and nuts). This helps to avoid a lot of money to buy may cause errors.
Here are some types of metric bolts and nuts can be found on the market today:
Metric bolts:
Stainless steel metric bolt  - typically made of steel, with high corrosion resistance, can be used for industrial and external environment.

Brass - 2/3 by the 1/3 zinc and copper, has good corrosion resistance and high conductivity.

 Nylon - this particular type of non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, most suitable for an electrical assembly.

flange - this metric bolt bearing surface is directly mounted on the bottom of the head; it can eliminate the need for the washing machine.

 dodecahedron double hex bolts - this is a very common metric bolt type, can provide a high-performance vehicle applications.
Metric nuts:
metric dome / acorn nut - which is typically made of steel or stainless steel. Low corn cap nut is manufactured as two parts - a top and a hexagonal nut shape uniform shape.

Metric hex nut - the threaded fastener within six sides, is considered to be the most versatile and most widely used nut design.

metric locknut - plane which is within six threaded fastener, the nut thickness of only 2/3 full. This type is used to tighten the working surface, and the finishing or heavy hex nut screwed on the locking nut to prevent loosening.

metric square nuts - tetrahedral threaded fastener, flat bottom, top washer plus

Nylock  metric nut - It is a hexagonal nut having a collar at its rear end-filled nylon. Designed for use with machine screws and bolts similar materials. Because it is made of nylon, it is not recommended to use at a temperature of 150-300F.

Metric KEPS- external star nut - this is another pre-assembled surface of the nut is free to rotate with six external teeth of the lock washer. When the tooth lock washer drill nut, the nut can be tightened to achieve the locking action on the bearing surface. High cost and ease of installation make this type of nut popular.
Helpful hints: The Internet is a good tool for searching the desired metric bolt and nut suppliers. You can read reviews online. You can also search by local listings or local directory (such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, etc.), because they are huge repositories of local companies.



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