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When we use a fastener, we don't want it to fall off. Unless we choose to use a lock nut, shedding will still occur frequently. So why in some cases an ordinary nut can not play its due role?
The lock nut is easy to install and can be reused. Double-body lock nuts are now not only widely used in railway engineering, but also in other industries. The combination of the two nuts creates a "wedge" effect, in which lateral force acts on the thread to prevent the nut from loosening. The small eccentricity of the sliding part of the convex top of the lower nut acts as a wedge. When the concave upper nut is tightened, the effect produced is basically the same as the wedge-shaped effect formed between the nut and the thread driven by a hammer.
The design improvement process of the nut is a good example. The tightening process is similar to a nylon embedded nut, but a unique method is used to ensure its effectiveness. The nut uses a stainless steel insert instead of a nylon collar. This applies a different working principle. It uses the downward bending deformation of the insert during tightening to prevent loosening, and the nut rotates counterclockwise upwards to make it constantly "pulled up" ", so as to make closer contact with the thread.
Because of its all-metal material, the nut has a strong ability to withstand extreme temperatures and can resist a variety of chemical corrosion environments. Although the cost of Staytite nuts may be higher than that of nylon embedded nuts, the nuts are reusable and will not reduce the locking performance due to multiple uses. This is extremely important for fasteners on durable parts. For this reason, nuts are widely used in automobile manufacturing and other important occasions.
Indeed, there are many other types of nuts, including nuts with special-shaped threads and locknuts with grooves and so on. Through the supply of various lock nuts, I realized that sales staff need to master professional knowledge, because when suggesting to customers, they must explain in detail the advantages and limitations of each lock nut to help them reduce the purchase of wrong fasteners And cause useless expenses.

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