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Introduction to the three advantages of locknuts

The locknut is a kind of nut with high anti-loosening performance, which can work normally even in harsh environments. Generally speaking, locknuts have three advantages:
1. Grindability and shear resistance: The 30° inclined surface at the bottom of the nut thread makes the nut locking force evenly distributed on all threads on each tooth. Since the pressure exerted on the thread surface of each tooth is evenly distributed, the nut can better solve the problems of thread wear and shear deformation.
2. Excellent vibration resistance: After tightening the screw, firmly insert the thread of the bolt thread into the 30° wedge angle of the nut and clamp it, and the normal force generated on the wedge angle is as follows. will. It is the same as the normal force applied to the wedge bevel. The bolt axis is at an angle of 60° instead of 30°, so the normal force generated when the nut is tightened is much greater than the normal. Standard nut, with excellent anti-loose and anti-vibration performance.
3. Good reusable performance. If the amount is large, the locking force will not decrease even if the nut is tightened and removed repeatedly, and the original locking effect can be maintained. The locknut has excellent wear resistance and shear resistance. The bottom of the thread of the locknut is inclined 30 degrees, so there is a pressing force on each thread, so the locking force of the nut is evenly distributed on all the tooth threads. Due to the uniform distribution of the surface, the locknut can better solve the problems of screw wear and shear deformation.
The scope of locknuts is gradually expanding, especially airplanes, automobiles, trains, railways, ships and other thread technologies are gradually entering the market. Construction, machinery, petroleum, agricultural machinery, electric power, military industry, medical equipment and many other fields.

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