Standard for Half Round Key


The semicircular key is a kind of key, the upper surfac […]

The semicircular key is a kind of key, the upper surface is a flat surface, the lower surface is a semicircular arc surface, and the two sides are parallel. Half-round keys are also commonly known as crescent keys.
1. Standard for straight groove elastic pin
GB879.1/2-2000 GB879-86 DIN1481 ISO8752
Second, the standard of coiled elastic pin
GB879.3/4/5-2000 DIN7343 ISO8748 ISO8750
Three, corrugated elastic pin standard
JIS2808 GB879
And standard elastic pins of British and American systems, diameters φ1-φ100, materials can be various carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.
Cylindrical pin GB119 DIN6325 Taper pin GB117 DIN1 
Internal thread cylindrical pin GB120 DIN7979 internal thread tapered pin DIN7978 GB118 threaded taper pin GB881  pin with hole GB880
The diameter is φ1-φ100, and the material can be various carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, etc.

Key series:
1. GB1096 A, B, C type flat key specifications φ2-φ60;
2. GB1099 half-round key;
3. GB1565 hook head key;
Various carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. can be used as materials.