The anti-loosening nut has a good anti-loosening and locking effect in the diesel engine


The connecting fasteners of turbochargers and exhaust m […]

The connecting fasteners of turbochargers and exhaust manifolds on diesel engines have a common requirement: high temperature resistance and strong vibration. Use nylon nuts, chemical coating and other anti-loosening lock nuts,
It will fail under high temperature conditions; while the double nut plus thrust washer is better under high temperature conditions, but the installation is troublesome and the anti-loose effect is not ideal.
The unique structure of the locknut effectively overcomes the above weaknesses. When the fastener is tightened, it can withstand strong vibration at high temperatures. The use of nuts on the turbocharger, exhaust pipe, oil pipe and other parts of the diesel engine effectively solves the problem of loosening of fasteners under high temperature conditions.
Therefore, in the diesel engine industry, it immediately caused a ripple effect. At present, many diesel engine manufacturers across the country have adopted locknuts in these parts, which have achieved a good anti-loosening and locking effect.