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Generally, nuts with hexagonal flanges are collectively referred to as flanged nuts. Due to the good performance of flange nuts, their applications are very common. Flange nuts are usually used with many screws and bolts. The use of flange nuts can not only provide better fastening performance, but also make the flange surface better match the screws and bolts. It is widely used because it tightens better than hexagonal nuts. Basic knowledge of flange nuts Flange nuts are usually made of iron, but stainless steel can also be used.

Use characteristics of flange nuts:
1. Welding: The left and right tapered flange flanges of the two piping ports that need to be connected need to be welded by tungsten argon arc welding (TIG welding). Note that the flanges used here are grooved. This kind of flange For embedding of gaskets with flanges on both sides of the sheet;
2. Gasket: Lined with double-sided flange gaskets between the two flanges on the left and right sides;
3. Piping: First, you need to install a professional cutting blade on the grinding wheel cutter or pipe cutter, and then cut the stainless steel pipe vertically according to the required length. After cutting, you need to trim the cut end to a circle;
4. Fastening: It is necessary to fix the two flanges with clamps, and then fasten the handle or clamp flange with fastening screws, ie, hexagon socket bolts. Note: The tightening handle mentioned above refers to the flexible connection of one end of the external thread with a fixed rivet, and the other end of the external thread is connected with the internal thread of the handle.

Flange nuts are sometimes electroplated to meet the required colors proposed by customers. Electroplating is also divided into environmental protection and non-environmental protection. There are many types of electroplating, such as more expensive environmentally friendly nickel, environmentally friendly blue zinc, environmentally friendly black zinc, environmentally friendly color zinc, etc. Of course, there are also cheaper ordinary electroplating, such as white nickel, white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, etc. In a word, environmental protection is more expensive than non-environmental protection.

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