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What are the installation steps for the square nut?

The purpose of the square nut block is that when the square nut block is installed, it needs to be pre-plugged into the groove of the aluminum profile, which is used to connect various accessories on the profile. Welded square nuts are mainly used in automobile, machinery and other industries. So everyone knows that when we install square nuts, how do we need to install this kind of nut?
The installation steps of the square nut are as follows:
1. Put the cage nut into the plate with pre-drilled holes. There are two types of holes in the plate, one is a square hole, which is convenient for installation, and the other is a rectangular hole, and the cage nut is installed in the rectangular hole. Can slide up and down. The hole size of the plate should correspond to the cage nut. Please refer to the specification table below.
2. There should be no burrs at the bends and edges of the cage nut to keep the surface smooth.
3. The cage nut is clamped on the plate by the two sides of the spring clip.
When we install the square nut, we all need to install and use this square nut according to the above installation method, and the correct installation of the square nut is what we all need.

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