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What Is a Fastening Nut?

The Fastening Nut is a key component of a fastening system. Its unique structure allows fast tightening and disengagement. The nut comprises two segments with a generally semi-circular transverse section. They are connected by a pair of guide pins that are perpendicular to the diameters of the two segments.
Several types of nuts are available. One type is six-sided. Its design gives it better grip and prevents wear and tear on the surface. There are also different types of nuts for different purposes. These include domestic standard nuts and industrial nuts. The type of nut you choose should meet your specific requirements.
Fastening Nuts and bolts are similar but have different strength ratings. They have the same basic characteristics, but different projects will require different strength levels. When buying nuts or bolts, you should first determine which type you need. Typically, class 10 nuts are needed for a class 10.9 bolt. This type is used when the nut has to be strong enough to prevent stripping of threading. Another type of fastening nut is called a coach bolt. This type of fastening nut has a square section under its head that grips into the part it is fastening.
Fastening Nuts come in a wide variety of sizes. The most common type is a hex nut, which is hexagonal in shape. Some have a serrated flange, which distributes pressure over the part and creates a locking action. Other varieties include hex finish nuts, which have an hex shaped surface, and jam nuts, which are thin and have a hexagonal gripping point.

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