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What is a hydraulic nut

Hydraulic nut is one of the commonly used nuts, used for bolts that need to be disassembled frequently; pre-tightening of oversized bolts; locking of large workpieces; hydraulic nuts are widely used in metallurgical copper-aluminum metal industry, paper industry, on slitting machines Hydraulic locking etc.
Hydraulic nut is an advanced bolt assembly method, especially suitable for tight space and heavy-duty vibration mechanical tightening. The working principle of hydraulic nut is to use hydraulic cylinder to directly apply external force to the bolt, so that the force-applied bolt is in its elastic deformation zone. After the bolt is elongated, tighten the lock ring on the hydraulic nut, so that the bolt will be locked in the elongated position by the lock ring. It can also be used as a hydraulic interference connection and disassembly tool. Mounting and dismounting bearings on tapered shafts or sleeves is often a difficult and time-consuming process.
Use SOLY hydraulic nuts. These problems can be reduced. The oil is pumped into the nut with the force that pushes the piston. Enough to install and remove bearings - effortlessly, accurately and safely.

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