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What is Hexagonal Nuts?

Hexagonal nuts are six sided fasteners that can be used with bolts and screws to attach components together. They are made from various materials, including steel, stainless steel and nylon.
Hex nuts come in different sizes, shapes and thread counts to fit specific bolts or screws. They are also available in a wide range of finishes, including zinc plating and hot dip galvanizing.
They are also manufactured from a variety of materials, such as low carbon steel and 18.8 stainless steel. They are available in a variety of thread types, including right-hand and left-hand, UNC and UNF series.
The size of a hex nut is determined by measuring across its flats--the width between opposite sides of the nut's hexagonal shape--and is typically expressed in millimetres or inches. Hex nuts are available in a number of thread counts, including light, standard, and heavy, which determine how many threads are per inch/millimetre of length.
Finishes for steel hex nuts include hot dip galvanized and stainless steel, which can be used in harsh environments where corrosion is a concern. Stainless steel offers better corrosion resistance than steel, although both metals can be prone to pitting corrosion under certain conditions.
Hexagonal nuts are one of the most popular types of industrial fasteners. They provide a high level of grip and can be used with a variety of tools, including socket sets, hex bolt wrenches, spanners, and ratchet spanners. They are often used with hex headed bolts, but they can be used with any type of externally threaded component.

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