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Screws that have undergone anti-loosening treatment are called anti-loosening screws, which are most suitable for the fastening of moving parts. They were first used in American aerospace aircraft and later promoted to the American automobile manufacturing industry. With the maturity of manufacturing technology and the reduction of cost, It is widely used in 3C, bicycles, skating and ski equipment, furniture, sports equipment, medical equipment and other industries. It completely replaces the traditional non-return washers and fully demonstrates the reliability of the tightening and anti-loosening effect of the anti-loosening screw.
How to use this kind of locknut, now I will introduce how to use it and prevent the nut from loosening.
A locknut is a nut, a part that is screwed together with a bolt or screw for fastening. All production machinery must use an original part. The locknut is a part that tightly connects the mechanical equipment. Threads, lock nuts and screws of the same specification can be connected together.
The superior anti-vibration performance of the anti-loosening nut: when the thread is tightened, the crest thread of the bolt is tightly entered into the 30° wedge-shaped slope of the nut to be clamped, and the normal force exerted on the wedge-shaped slope is consistent with the bolt’s The axis is at an angle of 60° instead of 30°. Therefore, the normal force generated when the lock nut is tightened is much greater than that of the ordinary standard nut, which has great anti-loose and anti-vibration ability.



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