Self-tightening locknut solves a big problem


A self-tightening lock nut, the thread pitch of the nut […]

A self-tightening lock nut, the thread pitch of the nut thread is smaller or larger than the thread pitch of the standard nut of the same specification, and the pitch difference between the nut and the standard nut is 1% to 6% of the standard nut thread pitch. Since there is a pitch difference between the screw pitch of the nut and the matched bolt, the pitch difference gradually accumulates as the nut is gradually screwed in during mating, so that an extrusion force and an anti-loosening torque are generated between the threaded surfaces, thereby producing an anti-loosening effect. The utility model aims to provide a self-tightening lock nut without any auxiliary parts or additional supporting parts, simple structure, convenient use, strong operability, and good anti-loosening effect. It can be widely used in railways, bridges, and turnouts. , Automobiles, machinery, and occasions that are exposed to long-term vibration and need to be secured against loosening.
In life, we often see or hear about various accidents. Among the many accident causes, there is often a seemingly inconspicuous cause, that is, loose screws. In the long-term work practice and life, it is found that small locknuts often cause huge troubles due to automatic loosening. Due to mechanical vibration and other reasons, the originally tightened screws will gradually become loose, so they must be reinforced frequently, but in the reinforcement. In the process, a lot of human resources will be wasted. At present, preventing the screws from loosening has become a worldwide problem. So Yang Zhiqing determined to study by himself an anti-loosening nut that was tightened once and for a lifetime.

When the world's major screw and fastener companies were unable to do anything, after long-term painstaking research, the self-tightening locknut was invented. This invention breaks the nut design convention that has not changed for more than 100 years, and at the same time it can match the mainstream bolts, thus successfully overcoming the world-class problem of nut loosening. This invention helped my country break the international monopoly in the field of fasteners, and is a representative of "China creates the world's leading".